Map Act

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Map Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill


This is a bill to improve the way our regional map is made.

Article I Process

Clause 1: Proto-maps may be submitted by any citizen of Liberalia. Which proto-map is used will be determined by a vote in parliament.

Clause 2: The cartographer whose proto-map gets the most votes will be contracted to create the map based on which plot each citizen has chosen their nation to be in.

Clause 3: The cartographer will be given a deadline date by which the map must be completed.

Section a: If the map is not completed by the deadline, the cartographer will either be given an extension of time or the job will be given to the person who had the next-most votes.

Section b: The cartographer can only get a maximum of 3 extensions.

Section c: Whether or not the cartographer gets an extension will be determined by the Guardian Council.

Clause 4: Once the map is complete, it will be posted promptly for all citizens to see.

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